Solar Growth in the Last Decade

Solar Growth in the Last Decade

At Mountain Power Solutions, we’ve been providing off-grid solar systems to western Colorado and eastern Utah for over a decade. During that time, the solar industry has exploded across the country; and we’re happy to be a part of the solar revolution. 

Over the last ten years, we’ve been busy helping dozens of families achieve their off-grid goals. And during that same time, the solar industry has been working tirelessly to improve the efficiency and availability of solar technology. Today, we’ll look back at the last decade and explore the rapid rise of solar as a viable renewable energy source.  

Solar Production

The most obvious and exciting advancements are in the cumulative production capabilities of worldwide solar systems. In 2007, annual solar production was lingering around 612,000 kilowatts. That’s not bad – but only a tiny fraction of our overall energy needs.  

Last year, we reached a much more impressive 53.3 gigawatts. In 2017 alone, the solar energy production numbers increased by 10.6 gigawatts. Seeing this explosion is exciting, especially when looking at projected numbers for the next few years. 

Solar experts predict that by 2023 annual production will be increasing by 15 gigawatts year over year. Here at Mountain Power Solutions, we are doing everything we can to make sure those predictions become a reality! 

Solar Costs

To go along with the increased production, the cost of installing a solar system has fallen dramatically. Today, the average cost of a solar installation is about 70% less than it was in 2010. Over the last ten years, everything from equipment prices to installation costs has made solar power more accessible than ever.  

While recent tariffs might disrupt this trend a bit, prices will continue to drop as technology improves and installations become more efficient. And we’re thrilled to see solar energy become a viable option for more households in the western Colorado and eastern Utah area.  

Solar Industry Jobs

While our love of solar primarily comes from its community and environmental impact, we’re also happy that the solar industry has a positive impact on our economy. Ten years ago, the solar industry in the USA accounted for under 90,000 jobs – today that number has soared to over 250,000.  

And many of those jobs are with local small businesses the encourage healthy and sustainable growth. As solar energy continues to grow into an integral part of our infrastructure, its positive impact on the economy will continue along with its environmental impact.  

Solar for Colorado and Utah

At Mountain Power Solutions, we’re committed to the continued growth of solar in Colorado and Utah. We want the next decade to outpace the last ten years in production, cost reduction, and job creation – because we believe that solar is an important part of our future. 

If you’re interested in an off-grid solar system, we can help you plan, build, and maintain the perfect system. From cabins and ranches to remote equipment installations, we are the off-grid solar experts in western Colorado and eastern Utah. Contact us today to learn more!