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Load Calculator for Off-Grid & Backup Power Systems

Please enter info for each load or appliance that needs to be calculated, and we will get back to you shortly with your calculation. If needed, use the table below to find the typical wattages of common household appliances.

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AC Loads

Find the wattage of your appliance

Coffee Maker900-1200
Clothes Washer350-500
Clothes Dryer1800-5000
(using the drying feature greatly increases energy consumption)
Electric BlanketSingle: 60
Double: 100
Ceiling Fan65-175
Window Fan55-250
Furnace Fan750
Whole House Fan240-750
Hair Dryer1200-1875
Heater (Portable)750-1500
Clothes Iron1000-1800
Microwave Oven750-1100
Personal Computer - CPUAwake: 150
Asleep: 30 or less
Personal Computer -MonitorAwake: 150
Asleep: 30 or less
Personal Computer - Laptop50
Radio (stereo)70-400
Refrigerator (frost-free, 16 cubic feet)725
Television (color) - 19" 65-110
Television (color) - 27"113
Television (color) - 36"133
Television (color) - 53"-61" Projection170
Television (color) - Flat Screen120
Toaster Oven1225
Vacuum Cleaner1000-1440
Water Heater (40 gallon)4500-5500
Water Pump (deep well)250-1100
Water Bed (with heater, no cover)120-30

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