Mountain Power Solutions specializes in grid connected,
backup power, and off-grid power systems.
Most solar companies shy away from off-grid power, we focus on it.
We strive to be technically proficient and provide excellent customer service.

Mountain Power Solutions Offers Off-Grid, Backup & Emergency Power Solutions, and FREE on site consultations.


Custom design services, electrical load analysis, and equipment specification.


Complete installation services.

Commissioning & Programming

Off-grid power systems need proper programming set-points to ensure maximum battery life and proper system functions.


We have extensive experience working with new and legacy equipment.

Service Calls

Anytime your system is down or needs fixing we’re just a call away from setting up a day and time to come by.

Service Contracts

We offer custom service contracts to keep your power system running perfectly. With a service contract we can diagnose a problem before a costly repair is needed.

Our Gallery


Going Off Grid

You may have an off-grid power system for a number of reasons including wanting to use only renewable, sustainable energy.

Engineer maintenance solar panel equipment on factory roof

Solar Information

Learn more about how solar energy is converted to a usable AC current for your household.


Going Green

By decreasing your energy usage, you can conserve natural resources, save money, and live a more conscientious lifestyle.

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