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Custom design services, electrical load analysis, and equipment specification.


Complete installation services.

Commissioning & Programming

Off-grid power systems need proper programming set-points to ensure maximum battery life and proper system functions.


We have extensive experience working with new and legacy equipment.

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Anytime your system is down or needs fixing we’re just a call away from setting up a day and time to come by.

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We offer custom service contracts to keep your power system running perfectly. With a service contract we can diagnose a problem before a costly repair is needed.


We offer everything from conception to completion; we will take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Our list of services range from new design and installation to simple system tune-ups. We guarantee that we’ll be at your side each step of the way.


Please visit DSIRE to review all the incentives and rebates you can receive for going off-grid solar. DSIRE is the database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

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What is an Off-Grid Solar System?

Having an off-grid power system means that there is no connection with the utility grid. This means that you have to make all the electricity necessary to run your home, shop, or anything other structure you are powering. You may have an off-grid power system for a number of reasons including wanting to use only renewable, sustainable energy or you may live in a very rural location, making off-grid power systems a cost-effective, efficient solution.

What are the benefits of having an Off-Grid Power System?

Some of the benefits of having your own power source include the following:

  • independence from electric utility costs incurred by power companies
  • using renewable, sustainable power…Going Green!
  • being more aware of the power you are using, potentially lowering your power usage
  • if you live in a rural area, using off-grid power sources is cost effective so that you don’t have to connect to the main utility grid

Going Green

We live on a planet that has limited resources. It’s important to try and think green in various aspects of life so that we are conscience of the impact we are having on the planet. By decreasing your energy usage, you can conserve natural resources, save money, and live a more conscientious lifestyle.

How does Off-Grid Solar work?

Off-grid power systems work by collecting a renewable source of energy, in this case solar, and converting it to usable energy to power your home and appliances. Solar panels collect solar power and create a DC current which is then routed through a solar regulator. This controls the charge so as not overcharge or undercharge your battery. From there, the energy is converted into a usable AC current for your household. Any excess energy is stored in the battery bank for days that the energy source cannot be collected – cloudy or rainy days, at night, etc. Having a generator is also important as a backup method of energy.

Thinking about going off-grid solar?

 Here are some additional links to help better understand off-grid solar.

How Does Off-Grid Work?

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels collect the solar energy & transform it into electrical energy. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.
  • Solar charge controller maximizes solar energy & prevents overcharge.
  • The inverter/charger transforms DC battery voltage into AC voltage which is commonly used in homes. (No expensive DC loads or wiring required.)
  • A backup generator can be used to provide power during extended cloudy weather.

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