Customer Testimonials


If you are still on the fence about giving us a call, take a look at what some of our current customers have to say.

"Incredible customer service and quality product. Mountain Power Solutions installed our system nearly three years ago and to this day Mac is always happy to take my calls and answer any questions I have. The system they installed is excellent. I had underestimated how easy and reliable off-grid solar really is. I credit Mountain Power Solutions for doing it right with quality equipment for a surprisingly reasonable cost."
"We have a large off-grid system originally designed and installed by another company. It wasn’t designed appropriately and had many problems. Fortunately we found Mac and Steve at Mountain Power Solutions and now have a fabulous system. Their fix gave us so much power we added a hot tub! They thoroughly understand off-grid, respond quickly, and they teach you as they go. Thank heavens we found them!"
"We are currently constructing a new home which will rely entirely on a 7.8 KW off grid solar system. Mountain Power Solutions was recommended to me by my electrician and I contacted Mac and Steve to help us with the solar installation. They made time for us in their busy schedule and quickly got us up and running. They were able to solve a couple of problems We had run into and offer us solutions. We would highly recommend MPS to anyone utilizing solar or wind energy. They are professional, affordable and its obvious they enjoy their work. You wont be sorry you called them…"
"Mac with Mountain Power did a most wonderful job on my off grid solar system. When ever I have any questions he is always willing to take the time to help me out and walk me through things if need be. I strongly recommend him for all your solar needs. A+ Service."
"I have been building log homes for 17 years and have had the opportunity to build several off grid cabins. I have seen many poor solar systems and had little faith in solar. I recently constructed a large cabin and the owner chose Mountain Power Solutions to install their solar system and I was blown away. My wife and I are building our own off grid cabin and chose to use your company because we were so impressed. We had two concerns - the system receiving enough sunlight in the fall and winter months and being able to host large groups. The system has been a complete success. When we tell guests it's all solar powered, they are in awe. Your company exceeded our expectations. As we are learning to use our system, if any problem arises, you are available to take our call anytime - weekends and holidays included, which is when we are enjoying our cabin! We highly recommend Mountain Power Solutions."
"I am very pleased to have this opportunity to refer anyone to Mountain Power Solutions, as my experience with them has been exceedingly positive. We had an installation of PV panels, battery set, electronics engineered and installed by a solar energy business several years ago. The engineering and design turned out to be problematic and required a new set of batteries, and other expensive fixes to overcome the problems caused by inexperienced personnel. The prime focus for many of the area companies had been grid tie applications and the business generated by rebates and Govt. incentives.
In contrast, Mountain Power Solutions specializes in off grid systems, and thus were able to analyze, re-engineer, and solve the problems that I as a lay home owner was left with by the prior company. The response to questions, the followup on modifications, and the educational tips and pointers given since employing MPS have far exceeded our hopes and indeed our experiences with others.
In terms of educational background, in-the-field expertise, and willing, cheerful help with questions or concerns, Mountain Power Solutions in our experience has no peer in our area. I would give MPS an unqualified high recommendation to anyone contemplating a new solar installation, an upgrade, or analysis / overview, for any solar project. We have rarely encountered such a solid blend of training, expertise, professional skill, and cheerful personal attention in one company: large or small."
"While planning out my food truck it became clear the only way I could run all the equipment required to achieve full kitchen status was to have a reliable source of sufficient 110 power. I talked with multiple electricians and people in the solar business only to come away discouraged. As I was about ready to give up on my original plans and revise to accommodate what people thought I could get when I decided to try one more source and this is when I contacted Mountain Power Solutions.
After a call to Mac in which he seemed intrigued about my project and offered to stop by and visit about it. Within a few days Mac and Steve showed up and I shared my vision for my food truck and what I hoped we could have in terms of power. They had me list all equipment and its power needs, then they went to work designing a system capable of meeting these needs. For the first time I was hearing we might be able to do this instead of no way.
The system Mountain Power Solutions designed uses a combination of solutions from generator, battery and invertors and solar panels to shore power. The system is pretty awesome as it not only runs all my equipment, but even has power to spare.
Working with Mac and Steve was amazing as they had to work around my schedule and unique needs. As a full mobile kitchen with a wood burning pizza oven I use the 110 for a commercial 2 door refrigerator, a pizza prep table, a merchandizer refrigerator, a 25-quart commercial spiral mixer, a dough proofer, a pizza warmer, water pump, a POS system and our LED inside and outside lights as well as multiple smaller pieces of equipment. Keep in mind, this is all on a converted U-Haul box truck and did I mention we even have a bathroom, three compartment sink and more. It came out pretty amazing and you have to see it to believe it. I have to remind myself quite often about how I am not on the ground, but am sitting on 6 wheels and can move around to sell food.
Life off the grid is good for a street vendor and thanks to Mountain Power Solutions my dream to build a fully functioning mobile kitchen became a reality."
"When we decided to build a home on our mountain property in Northwest Colorado one of our biggest concerns was how we could obtain electrical power. Our place is located over 5 miles away from the nearest power grid. We began researching solar power and propane generators. As part of our research we talked with at least six companies that provide solar power solutions with backup generator power. It quickly became clear that Mountain Power Solutions was a standout among the crowd. From the beginning, Mountain Power Solutions was responsive to our questions, providing detailed answers and additional information for us to consider. Once we decided to work with Mountain Power Solutions they talked at length with us about our goals and our requirements and then quickly provided us with options for how to power our house that would meet our needs. We reviewed the options and made a selection. Mountain Power Solutions provided us with everything we needed to insure that the installation would be efficient, arrived timely and conducted an extremely professional installation and test. Because we were using the system as our primary power for construction we immediately put the system to heavy use. Mountain Power Solutions helped us fine tune the system and readjust the system when construction was finished and we started “normal” operation of the system for our home. They took a very complex system and made it easy for us to use. In every instance, including a call over 18 months later when I had an issue, Mountain Power Solutions was extremely responsive and helpful. We are extremely pleased with our system and always make a point to tell everyone about how they should use Mountain Power Solutions if they want or need a solar installation. We know that if we ever need another system we will only call Mountain Power Solutions. They are outstanding to work with, provide the best service you could ask for and deliver what they say they will deliver. As a contractor myself, I always have very high expectations of other contractors. I am rarely able to say that a contractor exceeded my expectations but Mountain Power Solutions definitely exceeded my expectations. I would give Mountain Power Solutions my highest recommendation."
"Both Steve and Mac are true professionals. I was very satisfied with the work they did and impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail. I have proudly shown the system off to everyone who visits the cabin and everyone always comments on the professional installation. The system they designed has worked trouble free and more than meets my needs. While I’d love to expand the system to include more panels and more batteries (bigger is always better right?) the truth is I haven’t run out of power yet and don’t think I ever will. I’m glad they designed the system to accommodate future growth but I’m equally grateful such an expansion will not be necessary in the foreseeable future. Since installation of my solar system, I have run my generator twice a year o lubricate it and ensure it still works properly as a backup but it has not been “necessary” to back up my solar. My wife and I have seen our propane bill drop to nearly nothing compared to being our largest month expense relating to the cabin. We enjoy the peace and quiet and the ability to use lights or watch TV at night without having to run a generator. My well, compressor and table saw have never run better ad seem to have more power upon start up than when we were using the generator.
In closing, my wife and I could not be happier with our experience with Mountain Power Solutions. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a professionally designed and installed solar system. Both Steve and Mac are true professionals and they know their business. Their customer service was second to none and I would welcome questions from anyone who would like to speak to me as a reference."
"After many years of utilizing only generator power for our mountain cabin we decided on solar. With a well and pressure tank it always seemed like the tank would be empty just when you needed it most. Or the middle of the night trips to the bathroom there was no flashlight to be found. After much research and the referral by a neighbor we chose Mountain Solar Solutions.
Steve and Mac are the true professionals, great guys that possess the knowledge and skill to provide the right system for your needs. The installation was done without delay and the quality of work was exceptional.
We have experienced no problems with our system but Steve or Mac have responded immediately whenever I have had a question.
If you are considering solar I wouldn't consider anyone else. You won't be disappointed."
"I built a lodge a ways away from a power source and it would have taken an astronomical amount of money to run power to the lodge. I contacted Steve and he said that they could help with a solar system that would provide the energy that I would need for the lodge. He explained what we would need very well and the costs in written form. We used the backup generator for the system during construction. The installation of the solar system went in well without a hitch and has been working perfectly since then. I keep saying to myself “ We have electricity without being hooked up to Xcel Energy.” It is truly amazing.
Steve and Mac have been great to work with. They really know their trade. They put the most up to date equipment in that would give you the least amount of problems. It was a pleasure working with them."