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R5 Highschool Greenhouse Project

We recently teamed up with R5 high school ( on a solar project to give power to their greenhouse. They are amidst building a greenhouse to give some of the students a job and some cash flow.  Here is an article about the project  It was amazing to see that many high school students busy!

In particular, we wanted to power the DC direct exhaust fans and evaporative cooling system. The cooling system was designed by the high school students.  We used 6 x 270W solar modules to provide DC direct power to the fans and building.  Its a nice self controlling system that has no batteries; when a cloud goes over, the fans and pumps will slow down.  It’s fairly impressive to see a 52″ fan running strong off of 1 solar module.

We were pleased to be able to donate 1/2 of the panels.  It was a pleasure to work with them!  I’ll post some pictures soon.