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What is Off-Grid Solar?

  • Posted on 03/08/2018
  • Filed under: Off-Grid

Solar power has experienced explosive growth over the past decade. Advances in technology, coupled with decreases in prices, have make solar achievable for a wide range of homes. All across the country, especially in sunny climates like Colorado, solar panels are dotting rooftops and empty spaces. But the vast majority of those systems are directly […]


Inverter Bypass Switch Assembly

  • Posted on 05/28/2017
  • Filed under: Technical

Inverter bypass switch assemblies are used to bypass the inverter in case of inverter failure or maintenance. It allows to quickly power loads directly from a generator (or grid) by flipping switches as opposed to rewiring the system. We recommend them on all but the smallest off-grid systems. Bypass switches come in two forms, isolated […]


Mesa Land Trust Partnership

At the suggestion of one of our recent clients, we attended a Mesa Land Trust outreach luncheon where we learned about what the land trust does We were impressed to learn how much of a role the Land Trust has had in shaping how the Grand Valley and surrounding areas has developed. They take […]


R5 Highschool Greenhouse Project

We recently teamed up with R5 high school ( on a solar project to give power to their greenhouse. They are amidst building a greenhouse to give some of the students a job and some cash flow. ¬†Here is an article about the project¬† It was amazing to see that many high school students […]